Our Products


  1. Automated Digital Signature
  2. Lead Management System
  3. Field Force Management
  4. GEO- Climate
  5. R.O. Smart Management
  6. IoT
    • RFID based solutions for parking
    • RFID based solutions for access control
    • RFID based solutions for attendance
    • RFID based solutions for device tracking
    • Face recognistaion based access
    • Number Plate recognisation based access
    • Fleet managemnet system
    • porter management system
  7. Face Reconization Camera
  8. Door lock(per unit)
  9. Dealer Management system
  10. Billing and Invoicing System
  11. CRM for Small Segment Companies


  1. Feet Management
  2. SmartZone
  3. School App
  4. Vehicle Tracking
  5. CRM for Office Management
  6. GEO-Weather
  7. IoT
    • Cameras
    • SmartHome
    • Vehicle Tracking
    • GPS badges for kid
    • Dual security camera for taxis,trucks and buses with GPS
    • Fuel Sensors
    • Digital Door Locks
    • Wifi switches for AC, fan and lights
  8. Market Place
  9. Hospital Porter Management
  10. Access Control
  11. Footfall Management
01. Smartzone

An Application for managing a society. The complete solution for the residents, administration and security.
for more details visit http://www.smartzonehub.com

03. Track Vehicle

This is a GPS based location tracking app. Keep a check on your loved ones or use it for business purposes.

05. digital CRM

Single destination to manage all your leads in an easy way. For more details, please visit our product's Website

07. IoT Products

A network of devices embedded with electronics, software and sensors enabling them to exchange data.

02. School App

Now manage all your activities related to school in an easy way. Real time schools updates for everyone.

04. Smart GPS Lock

Smart GPS Lock, the device for many purposes like bike sharing, movable asset security, monitoring.

06. digital Arms

Smart app to manage your field force. Easy project assignment. For more details, please visit our Website