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Why Us?

We are your professional staffing service provider and will assist you with all your hiring needs in minimal span of time. Although, there are many services to choose from, but it is important that you keep yourself open to know things before you hire any new associate.


We Understand Your Needs before you pick up the phone, be sure that we understand your needs.

What are the required and preferred skills that you are seeking?
For a staffing service to fill your position, One’s need to understand the job and understand the expectations of the employee that fills that job requirement. Once you determine your needs you will provide a formal job description and an Accounts Manager will help you assess services to successfully fill your needs. The more information you can provide the better your chances of finding a perfect match.We are reliable and we have an outstanding reputation as a worldwide service provider for recruitment and staffing service with many fortune 500 companies.


payroll outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing service is well suited for partners who want to concentrate on their business goals and move their focus away from internal HR process management. Sampark Software’s Payroll Outsourcing service will ensure that our partner’s staff receives the right amount of salary at the right time, pay slips are provided to the staff and any staff payroll questions and concerns are given the highest priority.

It is Sampark Software’s responsibility to ensure that all legal and government tax liable requirements are fulfilled in line with labor law of the county. We offer an efficient, well organized and proven payroll service that takes full responsibility for the establishment of process and the execution of service.

Our Payroll outsourcing services are cost effective for our small, Mid-size as well as large customers.

Candidate selection
Each candidate goes through a tough selection & validation process to verify experience, education and technical expertise. All appropriate testing and evaluation processes have been completed along with a face to face interview. In addition, we have verified each employee’s employment history & eligibility.

Response Time
How long does it take to fill your need from the time the order is placed? Our Account Manager will take your job description and start matching candidates in our database to ensure quality & timely service and placement. They will give an intense analysis to your companies needs as per the job description and assign qualified candidates for the interview.


recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) allows organizations to contact with an external service provider to manage some or all of their recruitment needs and related talent-management functions. The RPO provider operates as a strategic business partner working closely with the client to improve the quality of hires, to increase delivery speed and to boost cost efficiency of the organization.

Is RPO - the beneficial option for you?
While an effective RPO partnership can help any organization to strengthen its talent acquisition needs and other talent management needs, companies facing the following conditions are in good position to get benefitted from RPO model:

  • High-volume hiring requirements
  • Seasonal or fast-growing staffing needs
  • Limited HR headcount
  • Special hiring needs requiring varied or atypical talent sources

Few organizations can afford to build the internal capabilities necessary to manage their talent acquisition, recruitment and management needs with the specialized level of expertise. Even large corporations may prefer to focus on their core business and outsource such functions to expert professionals.


recruitment process @ sampark

The planning phase means understanding the client requirements and the utility of such requirements to strengthen our search. On the basis, of the requirements we further work to plan a strategy that would follow to serve the needs. Our work plan strategy is based on the possible challenges, the mechanism to counter such challenges, the ongoing trends in the market, competency levels available, parameters required for the position etc.

Preliminary Screening & Interview
With the selection of candidatures we are engaged in preliminary screening where we assess them on Key Result Areas (KRA’s), Compensation Package, Job Title, Job Location and other details. Our team of consultants personally conducts their interviews to assess the candidate competency.

Client Interview
After the initial screening and validation we refer the candidate for the client interview where the client can directly assess the capability and potential of the candidate as per their need.

Reference Check
With the positive feedback from the client, we make a formal reference check about the candidate regarding his work ethics, performance, behavior and other basic details.

Negotiation & Offer
The last phase of the process is the negotiation and the handholding phase where we negotiate for the salary package, joining date and offer letter. Also, we continue to maintain our relationship with both our client and selected candidate to ensure smooth integration of the candidate in the organization.